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Nearly a decade ago, I ventured into the world of windows, and from that moment on, I was hooked. There's something about the meticulous process of installing windows that speaks to me. Following stints with various remodeling companies in Cincinnati, I took the leap and established Remodel King LLC in 2013. Armed with EPA certification as a renovator, both personally and for my firm, I specialize in working safely within homes built before 1978, safeguarding against lead paint exposure.

Fueled by my passion for all things related to homes, I added another feather to my cap in 2016 by becoming a licensed Ohio Realtor. Whether it's guiding homebuyers, assisting real estate investors, or indulging in a bit of house flipping myself—like my ongoing project in Kennedy Heights—I'm immersed in the world of real estate.

So, why should you entrust me with your real estate needs?

Well, for starters, I bring a unique blend of market insight and construction expertise to the table. When we're touring a property, I don't just point out its age, history, and value; I also offer informed answers to questions like, "What's causing that crack in the wall?" or "Can we knock down this wall, and what would it cost?" These are the queries that often linger in buyers' minds, and I pride myself on providing accurate, knowledgeable responses.

Think of me as your 2-in-1 real estate solution—a walking encyclopedia of housing know-how and a trusted guide in your quest for the perfect home or investment property. Ready to embark on your real estate journey? Visit my Plumtree website to learn more or start browsing for your next dream abode!


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